Integrated Cancer Medicine concept

Precision cancer medicine for all cancer patients is a major strategic aim of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre.

The principle of ICM

ICM Research in Focus Podcast #10 - The ICM Vision

Listen to Professor Richard Gilbertson discuss the ICM vision in this podcast

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ICM concept

The goal of Integrated Cancer Medicine (ICM) is to provide a standard of care precision cancer medicine for each cancer patient that is based on a combined assessment (integration) of multiple data including genetic data, imaging data, clinical data, and markers of tumour response.  A combination of blood tests, biopsies, medical imaging, and genetic tests are already being/will be in the future investigated in clinical trials; however, it is not always clear which of these increasingly large datasets are most important in guiding treatment at specific points in the patient journey.  The ability to provide integrated cancer medicine is based on combining all these diverse data types into a single platform that can inform and predict the best treatment decisions for each individual patient.

Multidisciplinary approach

The MFICM is a truly multidisciplinary team bringing together over 80 members across 14 University of Cambridge departments, the Cambridge University Hospitals and Industry Partners. Since its conception the MFICM has generated multiple interdisciplinary projects, coalesced projects around specific tumour types and prospective clinical trials and is now analysing data from retrospective data sets, generating prospective data from clinical trials as well as developing approaches for interpretation and visualisation of data.


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The Mark Foundation Institute for Integrated Cancer Medicine (MFICM) at the University of Cambridge aims to revolutionise cancer care by affecting patients along their treatment pathway.

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