Targeted Molecular Imaging of CA125 project

This technique is being used in Ovarian Cancer

Targeted Molecular Imaging of CA125 project as part of ICM

High grade serous ovarian cancer cells over express the Cancer Antigen 125 (CA125), that is used clinically as a tumour marker measured in the blood serum. Negative serum CA-125 assays do not always indicate absence of recurrent ovarian malignancy, while elevation of serum CA125 levels can also be observed in non-gynaecologic malignancies or benign conditions. The Radiomics team is performing a physiological study to assess CA125 expression and heterogeneity in patients with ovarian cancer. This study will establish the first application of immuno-PET imaging in Cambridge, creating a platform for the wider application of this powerful technique for tracking and quantification of mAbs in vivo.

Further information on the Targeted Molecular Imaging of CA125 in High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer project.


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