B-Cell Lymphoma

The DIRECT molecular monitoring platform - identifying patients suitable for novel agent clinical trials (STAGE1).

DIRECT: Clinical Investigator

Dr Daniel Hodson

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The aim of the DIRECT Study is to establish a robust pipeline to identify those patients with high-grade B cell lymphoma most suitable for novel agent clinical trials based upon genomic subtype and an integrated response evaluation determined early in first-line therapy.

This will be done by integrating data and samples collected from patients undergoing standard of care treatment for high-grade B cell lymphoma.

The trial is being funded jointly by AstraZeneca and the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre as well as being a flagship trial for MFICM. The trial currently has a total of 72 patients recruited over 5 sites as follows:

Addenbrooke’s Hospital                                                         25

University Hospitals Leicester                                              33

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital                              28

Northwest Anglia NHS Foundation Trust                          11

Nottingham University Hospital                                          29

West Suffolk Hospital                                                             9

Total                                                                                           135

* numbers correct as of 19/17/2022

Data will be integrated from

  1. Clinical risk factors from the International Prognostic Index (IPI)
  2. Up-front genomic subtype based on molecular profiling of diagnostic biopsy
  3. Serial ctDNA monitoring during treatment.
  4. Radiological response imaging

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